Anxiety: How To Turn Your Brain Off

Besides the spontaneous panic attacks, “racing thoughts” would have to be one of the most frustrating aspects of anxiety. You’ll just be laying in bed trying to relax and then all of a sudden your mind fills with all sorts of thoughts and worries. Though this can be very stressful to deal with, it doesn’t […]

Struggling with Body Image Issues

Let’s get personal… ****warning: This article may be graphic and triggering for some people*** There are some days when I truly don’t feel how I look. I look in the mirror at myself and my head gets filled with all sorts of negative thoughts. “I look ugly today…” “I would look better if…” “I’m fat […]

Be your own best friend

There’s nothing wrong with being by yourself. Sometimes it’s for the better because people can cause so much unnecessary drama in your life. Who needs that? Especially with a large group of friends. Those people that you thought were friends eventually start to show their true colors and this is where things start to get […]

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