Creating The Perfect Fall Morning Routine

It’s early Monday morning, your alarm is going off, and as you glance around your room you notice something odd. No I’m not talking about the boogeyman who’s hiding under your bed (you’re used to him by now anyway so he doesn’t scare you anymore and you guys have become friends. Look at you becoming […]

Product Review: Hair Ecstasy Silicone Polisher

Hey guys! Today I present to you all a review on Hair Ectstacy’s Shining Silicon Polisher. If you would like to purchase this product, visit their website at They have lots of wonderful products for all hair types! O…M…G! This stuff right here, is absolutely AMAZING! This product not only acts as a heat […]

Struggling with Body Image Issues

Let’s get personal… ****warning: This article may be graphic and triggering for some people*** There are some days when I truly don’t feel how I look. I look in the mirror at myself and my head gets filled with all sorts of negative thoughts. “I look ugly today…” “I would look better if…” “I’m fat […]

Stylish Desk Accessories

Just because your office is boring, doesn’t mean that your desk has to be as well. Become the life of the office with these cute office supplies! Rowley Stapler $8.29 Rowley Floral Mouse Pad $9.49 Stripe Organizer of Happy Mug $16.00 Vena Catalina Pens, Set of 3 $12.00

Review: The Brand Outlet

Afterpay is one of the best things to happen to the internet! I’ve discovered a lot of great deals on this website along with a lot of great stores to include “The Brand Outlet”. Looking for affordable, designer, legit perfume? I highly recommend this awesome website! The prices are heavily discounted and instead of paying […]

The best face wash ever!!

Sooo…let’s talk about this absolutely wonderful face wash “Loreal Pure Clay Matte Cleanser”. This stuff right here has made my skin absolutely fabulous!! While all of the products in this line are great, this particular one is absolutely magical! Dealing with oily skin, especially in the summertime, can definitely be rough. Who wants to walk […]

Neutral Makeup With A Splash of Blue

Hi Friends! Today makeup tutorial will consist of a basic neutral eye with a splash of blue. Sounds easy right?! Well that’s because it is! If you guys have any suggestions on looks that you would like for me to create. Feel free to let me know in the comments. Time to get JAZZ-IFFIED!! Alright […]

The Best Online Boutiques for Plus Size Fashion

If you’re a plus size girl, when it comes to clothing, sometimes the struggle can be real. As soon as you walk into a store and visit the plus size section, often times you may notice that the selection is not all that great. I don’t know about you all but when it comes to […]

2019 Snakeskin Trend

SNAKESKIN….never thought this trend would come back again, I thought we left this in the early 2000’s. This old trend is coming back with a fierceness-sssss….haha see what I did there…and can be found at your favorite boutiques. Scroll down to check out some fab snakeskin finds. Flip It Snake Skirt JILLIAN SNAKE […]

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