Creating The Perfect Fall Morning Routine

It’s early Monday morning, your alarm is going off, and as you glance around your room you notice something odd. No I’m not talking about the boogeyman who’s hiding under your bed (you’re used to him by now anyway so he doesn’t scare you anymore and you guys have become friends. Look at you becoming […]

Self Care Tips For Fall

It’s that time of year again! Summer is gone and fall is officially here. The air is getting cooler, leaves are changing, and if you ask me the is the best time of year. With the temperatures getting cooler and the days getting shorter, it can be alot easier to slip into depression. Listed below […]

Ham and Cheddar Chowder

๐ŸƒFall is one of my favorite seasons of the year! I look forward to the weather, smells, cute sweaters and soups….LOTS OF SOUPS!! Today I will be showing you all how to make Ham and Cheddar Chowder. This dish is perfect for a breezy fall day and will make your home smell absolutely delightful!๐Ÿƒ Ingredients: […]

Goals Good Tuesday morning everyone! Who’s ready for fall? I know I am, this has been a brutal summer and I can’t wait to start feeling the breeze of the fall. With the season changing, I decided to set some goals for myself to include: Weight Loss- I put on waaaayyy too many pounds this […]

The best body oil ever!

Good morning friends! I just wanted to share this wonderful product with you guys today. So let’s talk about Dr. Teals Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Oil. With fall approaching, now is the perfect time to update your self care routine. With colder weather comes drier skin and this stuff will definitely keep the ash flakes […]

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