Living Your Best Life: How To Live Your Life To The Fullest

The typical schedule for an adult: Wake upGo To WorkEatSleep ….and then wake up the next day to do it all over again! Now that's what I call living it up! That drive to work is an adventure in itself because you get to see all of what your wonderful city offers! From those beautiful [...]

Achieving Happiness: 3 Reasons Why You Are Unhappy

Happiness is a state that we all seek to achieve and one of the basic aspirations of humans. If you find yourself unhappy and dissatisfied with life, there could be a variety of reasons why you may feel that way. In order to get out of the state of unhappiness, you must get to the [...]

4 Things For Single People To Do On Valentines Day

PSA For All My Single People Out There: BEING SINGLE ON VALENTINES DAY IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Sure it might suck not having a significant other to celebrate this wonderful holiday with, but as stated above, IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Stop moping around like you just lost your [...]

6 Daily Habits To Help Improve Your Life

Dealing with work, home, and the daily stressors of life can definitely take a toll on you. Life can be overwhelming at times and hard to manage. That's why it's best to develop daily habits in order to make the most of your day and have some balance in your life. If you are reading [...]

Becoming Your Best Self: A Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Better You

So let's define personal development: Personal development is the process of improving yourself whether spiritually, emotionally, or even for business purposes. No matter where you are in life, you can always push yourself to do better. Many of us, including myself, are always seeking to find ways to become a better version of ourselves whether [...]

Life Lessons With Jazzy: Reasons To Be Thankful

The phrase "be thankful for everything you have in life" is one that I would always hear growing up and it STILL resonates with me to this day. We all have our wants and desires, but at the end of the day how you are really doing? We often stress over the material things in [...]

Dealing With Panic Attacks: Symptoms and Tips On How To Control Them

Symptoms of Panic Attacks Include: Racing HeartChest PainFeeling like you're losing control or about to dieFeeling like you're chokingTrembling or ShakingShortness of Breath According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, about 5% of the adult American population experiences panic attacks. Panic attacks can be caused by factors to include stress, genetics, negative emotions, and [...]

Life Lessons With Jazzy: Learn To Love Thyself

"...My nose is too big...." "…I would look better if..." "…Why does my butt look like that?..." "...I look so gross!..." Do any of these phrases resonate with you whenever you look at yourself in the mirror? If so, please stop doing this because there is NOTHING wrong with you! Everybody has flaws and no [...]

Life Lessons With Jazzy: You Can’t Please Everyone

This has been one of the most valuable lessons that life has taught me so far. As the years have gone by, I've come into contact with lots of people. Some of which I have gotten along just fine with, while others...not so much. It is in human nature to crave attention and communication from [...]

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