Workplace Jealousy

We all got that one person in the office who hates us for no apparent reason. You could be the sweetest person ever and they'll still find a reason to hate you. Jealousy, especially in the workplace, can be one hell of a thing to deal with. People like that will do anything to get [...]


Confidence: How to be your best self Let's talk confidence! What we all have to realize is that no one is perfect and it is perfectly ok to have flaws and insecurities. Everyone has days when they just feel like they aren't their best selves. In order to overcome these obstacles we need to stop trying to compare ourselves to others. [...]

Anxiety: Things to help turn off your brain at night Good evening everyone! I should be asleep right now, it's 1:30 in the morning, however I can't because good ol' anxiety. Today has definitely been rough and I can't wait to get my 3 day weekend started! Don't you just love it when you're trying to get a good nights rest, however you can't [...]

Goals Good Tuesday morning everyone! Who's ready for fall? I know I am, this has been a brutal summer and I can't wait to start feeling the breeze of the fall. With the season changing, I decided to set some goals for myself to include: Weight Loss- I put on waaaayyy too many pounds this [...]

Jazzy’s Delightful Turkey Burger with Bacon

Maaannnn the recipe is so good that we're just going to get right into it. I can't wait for you guys to give my recipe a try! The ranch packet will give it that extra OOMPH! Let me know what you guys think in the comments 😁 Ingredients: 1lb turkey meat 1tsp of Ms. Dash [...]

Living your best life: Is it truly possible?

Is it truly possible to live your best life nowadays? This post isn't meant to be depressing, it's just a thought that I've had in the back of my mind for a while. Sometimes I feel with having to work during the week, taking care of my responsibilities, and with time going by so fast, [...]

The best body oil ever!

Good morning friends! I just wanted to share this wonderful product with you guys today. So let's talk about Dr. Teals Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Oil. With fall approaching, now is the perfect time to update your self care routine. With colder weather comes drier skin and this stuff will definitely keep the ash flakes [...]

Heat Damaged Hair: Can it be reversed?

The answer is YES. It is definitely possible to reverse heat damaged hair without having to cut off your damaged ends. I straighten my hair once a month and because I was once negligent with using heat protect, I have a small bit of damage. Since then, before I straighten my hair, I ALWAYS ensure [...]

I’ve got a confession to make…

I am addicted to shopping and it's Afterpays fault! Yeah I know it's bad but I just can't help myself when I see a good sale! I've tried everything to get over my addiction but nothing seems to work! Everytime I see one of those bright sales signs in the store or recieve an email [...]

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